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Skeanie Gumboots - Pink Stripe

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Great for jumping in puddles!

SKEANIE Gumboots are made from soft rubber with a cotton lining. Perfect for little feet that love to jump in puddles.

Natural rubber upper and sole with a soft cotton lining

Please refer to our Sizing Chart to ensure you purchase the correct size.

  • Never use the edge of a step, or the toe of the alternate boot to push boots off your feet. This may result in heel spitting.
  • Rinse boots thoroughly after every use. Wipe/sponge your wellies and allow them to dry naturally.
  • Only use mild detergent. Never use solvents, as these will break down the silicon coating on the boots.
  • Store in a cool, dry, dark place and never store boots whilst still damp.
  • Avoid storage near sources of artificial heat or direct sunlight. Exposure to these elements will cause cracking and the colour to fade.
  • Do not store boots folded or creased.
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may contribute to drying out and stiffening of rubber. This will result in splitting.

Product Care
Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not leave outside in the weather, this may cause the rubber to perish.

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